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Promoting Participation in the Moraga Community

CAnyon Bridge
When we think of the Moraga Department of Public Works, there is no doubt that we think of the sink hole on Rheem Boulevard. The sink hole is clearly the biggest issue this town has faced in recent memory. But the Public Works department has many more projects it is supervising. The department, headed by Edric Kwan, is also responsible for inspection and approval of the work of all the developers and sub-divisions plus the maintenance of the public right-of- way.

Projects currently in the inspection and approval process include the Rancho Laguna (nee Bella Vista) project, the Via Moraga (the old bowling alley) project and the Camino Ricardo project.

Some of the capital projects being managed by Mr. Kwan’s department include:
  • Measure K pavement resurfacing of Bollinger Canyon, Corliss and Larch roadways. Much of this work will include full reclamation, going 17 inches deep in road rehabilitation. The town is also working with the adjacent communities of Orinda and Lafayette on projects including Ivy Drive (Orinda) and Moraga Road, St. Mary’s Road and Draeger (Lafayette)
  • The Rheem Boulevard Landslide repair and repaving project the completion of the Moraga Library HVAC
  • The rehabilitation of the sand volley ball courts at the Moraga Commons
  • The installation of underground utilities in the area from Devin to St. Mary’s road, followed by building sidewalks along Moraga Road from Devin to Draeger.

Many of these projects are very complex, particularly with respect to the coordination the repaving and completing road rehabilitation with the various utility issues so that the paving work is done AFTER the utility companies do their work.

Yes, the sink hole takes a lot of our attention, says Edric, but he and his staff of professionals are hard at work making Moraga the outstanding community that it is.

For more information, you can go to the Town of Moraga website.