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Promoting Participation in the Moraga Community

CAnyon Bridge
On Thursday, January 21, the Town Council hosted a community goal-setting workshop to discuss and receive community input on Town Goals for 2016. With about 40 people in attendance, Council adopted the following goals, which will be added to pre-existing and continuous community concerns already in front of the Town Staff.

Complete Community Preferences Survey and Study

Determine Revenue Measure(s) for a Future Ballot – to fund the community’s top priorities

Work with Saint Mary's College and the Community to Complete Design and Financing Plan for St. Mary's Road Roundabouts

Adopt Balanced Budget and Continue High Quality Financial Reporting

Install New Streetlights in Critical Areas around Town

Develop Sustainable Funding Strategy for Town Assets and Infrastructure

Complete Moraga Center Specific Plan Implementation (Zoning) Project

Complete Update of Hillside and Ridgeline Regulations

Re-open Discussions with School District for New and Shared Community Recreation Facilities

Develop Concept and Plans for Financially Sustainable Hacienda de las Flores

Improve Interconnectedness and Public Awareness of Moraga's Trail System

Install Surveillance Cameras in Strategic Locations to assist in Public Safety

Support and Develop a Long-term Strategy to Retain and Preserve the New Rheem Theatre.