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Moraga Citizens Network is a non-profit, grassroots organization dedicated to encouraging civic, recreational, and community engagement in the Town of Moraga. By providing non-partisan, factual information on events, opportunities, and issues, we promote and foster awareness, participation, and a sense of belonging to all who reside or work in the Town, or visit the Moraga Community.

Some of the ways we do this are: host Candidates Night every other year, prepare the Town Staff Appreciation Event, participate at the Pear Festival, manage our online and social media presence, and inform residents of weekly activities and current Moraga issues through a bi-monthly e-bulletin called The MCN Link.

If you are interested in joining us in this effort by either serving on the MCN Board or becoming an MCN Ambassador, please contact us.


A group of about 25 residents gathered in January of 2005 at the Moraga Library to discuss its dreams and concerns about Moraga. It soon became clear that what was needed was a public that was more informed and involved in the affairs of Moraga. The outcome was Moraga Citizens Network, with a vision to “promote participatory democracy in Moraga”.

At the time, all members were urged to attend at least one Council meeting per quarter and to regularly read the minutes of each meeting. By speaking up at Council meetings, we were able to ask for specific changes that allowed our town government to become more transparent.

As an example of our early work, we were able to help the town staff publicize several important town meetings about the Specific Plan for the Moraga Center. As a result, we had at-capacity attendance and involvement of the town’s residents who in turn, helped shape the plan. 

From the beginning, MCN opted to use email as a way to communicate with the community. Originally, an email newsletter was sent out every few weeks as a way to keep people connected and informed. In 2008 “The MCN Link” was officially launched, with the agreement that it would be emailed on Monday mornings, every two weeks.  Again, the primary focus was to facilitate awareness about town issues that impacted the whole community. 


Each election season since 2006, Moraga Citizens Network has planned, publicized, and hosted a Candidates’ Night where all candidates for Town Council seats speak and are then asked questions by audience members.

Our guiding principle through the years has been to be an objective, informative voice in Moraga that takes no position on issues. Our belief is that if the people know what topics are under discussion, where to read the relevant documents, and what meetings are being held, people can and will participate. Participation by many informed people will generate better decisions for our Town and create a healthy, vital community.

Starting in 2010, the role of MCN began to expand to include information about town service organizations, events, programs at Saint Mary’s, and a host of other offerings happening throughout the year. This shift was lauded  by recipients of the MCN Link and participation at events across all of these community based events increased greatly.  Additionally, Moraga Citizens Network has strengthened connections between people, families, and organizations 

In 2014, MCN’s by-laws and mission was officially changed to reflect this broader focus and continues on today as MCN works to foster participation and adapt to our community’s ever changing needs.