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Promoting Participation in the Moraga Community


Our Mission

Moraga Citizens Network is a grassroots organization dedicated to encouraging participation in the life of Moraga in these ways:
First, we provide or direct members to non-partisan, factual information on current issues.
Secondly, we assist the town staff in publicizing public meetings and town-sponsored events when needed.
Finally, Moraga Citizens Network announces many recreational, educational, and fund raising events offered in Moraga by the Town's service organizations, library, non-profit organizations, and Saint Mary's College - all towards the end of promoting participation in the Moraga community.
Our primary tool is a bi-monthly e-bulletin called The MCN Link. Sign up Here.

 By joining The Moraga Citizens Network, you will receive a concise summary of Moraga's upcoming events and issues about every 2 weeks. It is a way to "link" you to events sponsored by our service organizations, athletic and cultural activities offered by Saint Mary's College, topics being discussed by our Town Council, and so much more.

You can join, and access the latest issue of the MCN Link newsletter, under "Staying In The Loop" on the sidebar.

 What subscribers say about Moraga Citizens Network and the MCN Link

“Very happy to support something so important” – Gail T.
“Am enjoying your ‘Network’. Keep up the good work” – Josie M.
“Thanks, Ellen, for keeping us informed, honoring our Town Staff, and
supporting our Candidates Nights!” – Tom M.
“So happy MCN does such a good job keeping the Moraga community up-
to-date” – Kathy and Ed Z.

Donate To MCN

Unlike many organizations, Moraga Citizens Network has no income through dues or fees. So once every two years, we ask for donations to help us pay for what we do. Major expenses include costs associated with publishing the MCN Link, sponsoring the Moraga Town Staff appreciation event, sponsoring the Moraga Town Council Candidates Night, and other general items.

Moraga Citizens Network is a registered as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code so your donation may be tax-deductible.

You can either click the "Donate" button to donate via PayPal, or make your check payable to "Moraga Citizens Network" and mail to:


  Moraga Citizens Network
Suite C, #255
1480 Moraga Road
Moraga, CA 94556
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