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Hazards Survey

We are all invited to get involved in the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) by providing input this month. Our input to the LHMP will allow Moraga to obtain federal, state, and local requirements for grant funding. As Town residents, we are in a unique position to identify natural, human-caused, and technological hazards. 

The 5-year LHMP update is an effort to make Contra Costa County more resilient to various hazards. Once the LHMP identifies hazards and local risks, the plan will outline strategies for County Departments, Cities, Towns, and Special Districts to reduce the impact of these hazards.

The 2024 Hazard Mitigation Plan for the Town of Moraga is available on the Town website; the public comment period in now open until May 31, 2024. As a resident of Moraga, please read the draft and provide public comment on the County website. For more information on the 2024 Hazard Mitigation Plan for the Town, please see this link. About half way down the Comment Form page, you will find a place to put your name, and begin the form to register your comments.