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Promoting Participation in the Moraga Community

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Welcome Cynthia Battenberg, New Town Manager

Cynthia Battenberg will become the new Town Manager starting on March 12th. Cynthia comes to Moraga with experience in local government including planning, management, public works, economic and community development and much more. Cynthia received her bachelor's degree in Social Sciences from UC Berkeley and her MBA from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA. Most recently, she was the Community Development Director in San Leandro. Welcome to Moraga, Cynthia!

C. Battenberg


Recent sinkholes, disrupting our lives in Moraga, have dramatically shown that our storm drain pipes, laid down under our roads and parking lots 45-60 years ago are nearing the end of their useful lives. Since there is no revenue stream to do the repairs, the Town Council has authorized the creation of the mail-in ballot measure. This month there will be numerous presentations about the problem and the solution. The Town website has a lot of information on it, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, two 45 minute videos of Public Information Meetings via YouTube and a chart of the proposed Storm Water Fee Rate Schedule.
No more sinkholes! Become informed then vote via mail-in ballot between the end of March and May 15th.

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A few months ago, the Moraga Town Council voted to give Moraga residents the opportunity to
secure electric energy from MCE, a local not-for-profit electricity provider.  In April our electric
power will start coming from 50% renewable sources, and carried by PG&E transmission lines. 
Look for mailed notices and Town Hall meeting dates to get fully informed about this change and
about the choices you have.
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At the core of Moraga is its spirit of helping out, whether with time or money, or both.  This can be seen in the schools, Scouts, service organizations, the Rheem Theatre, Town Council and town commissions; people are always stepping up and into places to serve.  At last, there is  one place  to find those places to serve, and to announce needs for volunteers to a wide audience.  Moraga Citizens Network has established a “Craig’s List for Volunteers” right here on this website.   Check it out, and come back often!!

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Our Mission

Moraga Citizens Network is a grassroots organization dedicated to encouraging participation in the life of Moraga in these ways: First, we provide or direct members to non-partisan, factual information on current issues. Secondly, we assist the town staff in publicizing public meetings and town-sponsored events when needed. Finally, Moraga Citizens Network announces many recreational, educational, and fund raising events offered in Moraga by the Town's service organizations, library, non-profit organizations, and Saint Mary's College - all towards the end of promoting participation in the Moraga community. Our primary tool is a bi-monthly e-bulletin called The MCN Link, which you can receive by signing up here.
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