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Promoting Participation in the Moraga Community

Meet the Candidates

cc-2012-awardThe MCN Link has just been given Constant Contact's* All Star Award, its second in as many years. Since only 10% of Constant Contact's customers are recognized with this annual award, this is an honor that you and I share. YOU make the honor possible because you open The MCN Link regularly and click on the links provided. One of the criteria for this award is to have a consistently high open rate of more than 25%. That means that out of 100 receivers, 25 people open their email. The average open rate for The MCN Link is 43%. Sometimes it is 50 – 53%! Thank you for being such a participatory and interested audience! But after all, Moraga Citizens Network is all about participation in the life of our town, isn't it? Other criteria for this All Star Award are to:

• Have regular contact with its readers

• Share emails on some form of social media (we use Facebook)

• Look at the reports that Constant Contact provides to see how we are doing

The MCN Link has had a net gain in readers of about 150 new subscribers since last January bringing our current database to about 1200. Although most subscribers are Moraga residents, we have a number from Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, and one from Los Alamos, NM!

Note: *Constant Contact is the email marketing company that provides the template, database, and services that support The MCN Link.


Our Mission

Moraga Citizens Network is a grassroots organization dedicated to encouraging participation in the life of Moraga in these ways: First, we provide or direct members to non-partisan, factual information on current issues. Secondly, we assist the town staff in publicizing public meetings and town-sponsored events when needed. Finally, Moraga Citizens Network announces many recreational, educational, and fund raising events offered in Moraga by the Town's service organizations, library, non-profit organizations, and Saint Mary's College - all towards the end of promoting participation in the Moraga community. Our primary tool is a bi-monthly e-bulletin called The MCN Link, which you can receive by signing up here.
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