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Promoting Participation in the Moraga Community

Playground 2

Latest postings

Volunteers needed for 2018 Moraga Egg Hunt!
( / Teen)

Weed Abatement at ne West Commons Park
( / Multiple Ages (see details below))

Mulholland Ridge invasive plant removal
( / Multiple Ages (see details below))

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Our Mission

Moraga Citizens Network is a grassroots organization dedicated to encouraging participation in the life of Moraga in these ways: First, we provide or direct members to non-partisan, factual information on current issues. Secondly, we assist the town staff in publicizing public meetings and town-sponsored events when needed. Finally, Moraga Citizens Network announces many recreational, educational, and fund raising events offered in Moraga by the Town's service organizations, library, non-profit organizations, and Saint Mary's College - all towards the end of promoting participation in the Moraga community. Our primary tool is a bi-monthly e-bulletin called The MCN Link, which you can receive by signing up here.
Scouts at dedication